Big Trade Features and Terms & Conditions
Trading allowed only in equity segment of NSE & BSE in more than 200 scrips. Click here to view the complete scriplist.
No orders will be processed under this product after 15:15 hours.
Note: This product is not suitable for all kinds of investors. You are requested to take informed decision based on your risk profile before executing trades under this product.
Trades executed under this product will be squared off either after 15:15 hours or in case of erosion of margin blocked, by approximately 70% whichever is earlier.
Leverage: Currently 10 times leverage is allowed on available margin Sharekhan reserves the right to modify leverage from time to time without any prior intimation based on prevailing market condition.
Settlement: Positions created through this product are compulsorily settled on intraday only. No option is available to carry forward the positions taken through the product, provided you apply from MTI facility.
MTI Facility: Margin to Investment is a facility introduced in Big Trade, whereby a client can convert his open Big Trade position into delivery (investment), before risk square off or auto square-off is done in Big Trade.
- Buy Big trade position can be converted into delivery only if client is having sufficient additional margin, required for the position.
- Sell Big trade position can be converted into delivery only if client is having sufficient shares lying in demat/margin account.
- MTI window will be open till 3.15pm i.e. before Big Trade order window is closed.
- In case of partial conversion to delivery, balance open position in Big Trade will be squared off as done currently.
- MTI facility is currently available only at website; same will be introduced in Trade Tiger shortly.
Closure of Positions:
- By Client: Client can close positions before 15:15 hours by placing reverse order using same product.
- By Sharekhan: Erosion of margin blocked (as per the average price) by more than 70% in script in which position is created will trigger Compulsory Square off of that script only, irrespective of MTM in any other position created using this product Failure to close the positions before 15:15 hours will lead to auto-square off by Sharekhan at prevailing market rates. All orders kept pending whether normal or stop loss will be cancelled by the system at 15:15 hours.
Non Closure of Position: Sharekhan does not guarantee that the order placed for square off shall be executed In case the positions are not squared off for any reasons beyond the control of the Sharekhan, such as price band, technical issues, etc. the same shall be converted into delivery In the event of Non Closure as mentioned above, further margin should be remitted and in case failure to remit the additional margin Sharekhan reserve the right to square off the excess position taken.
Disclaimer : The product is designed for High Risk Intra-day traders.
Sharekhan shall not be responsible for any losses arising using the product.
The parameters and policies for providing the above facility shall be subject to change at the sole discretion of Sharekhan, without any reference to the client