List of new features in version
  • Implementation of Ezy Options - With just one click, users can now customize the loading of Index Futures, ATM, ITM, OTM Options, as well as the number of calls and puts near the ATM. These settings are defined by the user, making it convenient and efficient to access the desired information.
  • Implementation of Aggregate OI for NSE FNO -View the Call, PUT, FUT Open Interest (OI) and OI Changes for all Futures and Options (FO) scripts in one convenient window.
  • Eye View - (Password Display) for verifying password in Login/Unlock/Trading password windows
  • Implementation of DP to Pledge & EQ via API for Normal Clients - Provision to Enable/Disable based on flag from Trading Server
  • Implementation of Compare any two scrips in Chart Study - "Conduct a comparison between any two scripts using Chart Study."
  • Sticky Order window - The order window will stay open even after placing an order, depending on the settings in the Order settings/Settings/Sticky Order option being turned OFF
  • Provision to turn off Order confirmation Popup based on settings - Confirmation Window for Order Settings: Disabled
  • Display of Selected Summary checkbox Option in Summary row in Turnover & Net Position report- Summary will be calculated for all rows, regardless of the selected rows, if this option is not checked.
Bugs Fixed
  • Retracement Line Levels not saving issue resolved.
  • Free Line not drawing while dragging issue resolved.
  • Intraday 1 minute chart candle gets added for every second rather than update in Preopen Market issue resolved.
  • Pending Order Report shortcut key not working Issue resolved.
  • Display of unlock popup and unlock window during layout loading removed.
  • DATR not visible in Market watch for SK Edu Tool users with DATR rights (Visible in chart).
  • Pivot Study start issue at start of the interval issue fixed.

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