Bug Fixed - Version Note for Trade Tiger
Normal User
1. No Price Mismatch for Bracket Order in Order Report.
2. Tracker Ball will get change to Cross Hair after modification in Graph Setting.
3. Weighted Moving Average Value has been shown properly on chart.
4. 90 Day Intraday Data will not visible for Normal Customer.
5. User Settings & Chart Setting Compatibility issues are resolved.
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1. Ignite Plan & It’s Orders will work properly.
  • Modification of Control Trade is working.
  • Control Trade order can be placed from Hourly chart
2. Order Shortcut Key from Ignite Call Watch for Exchanges other than NSE is working fine.
3. Stop loss line is getting plotted as per the DATR value if Entry is hidden.
4. Four Decimal points are captured in the Stop loss line in setting window for Currency Segment.
Power Broker
1. Admin Report – Square off all Control Trade, Square off at Market, Stop loss price is now visible (Bracket Child)
2. Admin report data is showing after disconnection
3. Now PB is able to modify My GTD Bracket Order from Admin Report.
4. Shortcut Key for Cancel All is working for Admin Report.
5. Trailing Stop loss Order can be placed from Admin Report.