Version Note for Trade Tiger
New Addition
1. Bracket Order with MYGTD
2. Bracket Order with Trailing Stop loss
3. Ignite orders :bracket orders linked to the risk analyzer for position sizing for swing trades in equity)
4. Ignite - Daily ATR in Chart
5. Ignite - Auto Stop Loss line while drawing Demand and Supply zone based on Daily ATR %
6. Ignite - Alert to Trade for Supply and demand zone
7. Ignite -Renaming of Trade Types for Ignite Call watch
8. Ignite – Boring Candle
9. Ignite – XLT IV base Filter of stock in one click filter
10. MTM Based on Settlement price after Market hours(Next day)
11. ETF Order placement with 0.01 tick size
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Bug Fixed
1. Ctrl + G Shortcut for Opening the chart is not working from market watch
2. Opening blank Chart while loading Layout(Rarely)
3. Keyboard right click is not functioning in Chart