Version Note for Trade Tiger
Normal Users
1. Name Change from Max Trade To Big Trade
2. Chart performance – Partial Drawing and updation of Daily Chart

Own Scaling option added in the study window for all studies.

4.  In Stochastic study %K Slow is removed from the Addstudy window.
5. Previous Close Line and Average Close line enable disable option is given in the GraphSettings.
6. Mouse Pointer Color &  tracer and Cross Switching option is given in the GraphSettings
7. Save and Load chart for all advance graph options.

Chart Type Option is added in the Graph Settings

9. Show Data Window & Show Volume panel option is provided in the GraphSettings.

Symbol and Text drawing based on the Date time

11. On save template, load template price's up color & down color are not applied-bug resolved
12. Selection of Retracement and Fibonacci series in all the levels.
13. Chart conversion is removed from the FileConverter.
14. Visibility of Daily Candle after 12 O clock in the night time – Bug resolved
15. Pivot Points added in Market watch
16. Header Added In Market depth (Ask, Bid etc)
17. Customer ID wise Filter applied on API Report (Admin user can see only API enabled customer's Data)
18. Daring Derivative Link is added
19. Icon added to Snap 2 Excel
20. Shortcuts for Bracket Order placement from Market Watch.
21. Opening of Portfolio page inside TT.
22. Initiating Chart from Reports.
23. Providing customer name in Order Confirmation messages for DNT Users.
24. On right click in market watch bracket order buy and bracket order sell as been added.
25. Big Trade ;TNC text will be visible only for Big Trade
26. Sq. Off ALL Bracket Orders at Market from order report.
1. 90 Days intraday option provided.
2. Bug resolved – D/S Zone is shrinked at the time of moving ,with Left Extension is enabled and rightExtension is disabled.
3. Plotting Stop Loss, Target & Entry line based on the Round off value.
4. Control Trade for Ignite Users.
5. Order placement through Chart for OTA & Ignite Users.

XLT Users
1. XLTIV Analysis

Bug Fixed
1. Date Time for MCX GTD order when system not having current date.
2. TSL Order is going as Normal Order.
3. Bug: Market by Price field was not sync with Last Updated Time.
4. Chart candle formation issue. The candles are different compare to intraday and after EOD.