List of new features in version
  • Ichimoku indicator – A versatile charting indicator. View Demo
  • Stock Scanner (basic) – A feature which scans stocks base on technical indicator. View Demo
  • Customized Top Bar – Track your favorite scrips, derivatives or indices while toggling between various applications. View Demo
  • Copy / paste multiple scrips as well as add Blank Space between scrips on Marketwatch.
  • Better User Experience – in ribbon menu, Chart Book and Dynamic one click filter.
Bugs Fixed
Module : Chart
- Pivot line values are getting vary while changing chart time frame - Chart - KST study not listed in modify study window
- Chart thickness functionality was not working in Bar chart
- Chart Zoom resets during update
- Some time chart displaying only one day data though the selected days are more than that (ex; 90 Day)
- If Chart window is document window then DNT id cannot type "5"in text box instead of that 5 day chart will open
- While chart is downloading if TT disconnected which will be reconnected automatically but Chart will be remain blank though user refreshing chart.
- Not able to adjust volume panel area towards down
- Sometime data's are missing in all type of charts (Intraday, Daily etc) which will occur during refresh chart as well.
Module : Dynamic One Click Filter
- After Login first time if we load any user defined DOCF which will show no data forever (remains blank).
Module : User Settings
- Marketwatch settings : Default button was not working.
Module : Scanner
- (Ignite User) if scanner window is docked minus button is not getting typed, instead of this sell window will open.
Module : Message Board
- General Message & Order Trade Confirmation tabs are merged as it was in Past versions also its performance improved.
Module : Order
- In MyGTD order, Modify order window was showing wrong date.
- Order window picking wrong scrip if 1 MW is in float & another is in dock mode.
Module : Order Report
- Reports and Dynamic Report's data Update issues fixed.
Module : News & Events
- Some time Earnings will be download 100% but data will not be populated.
- In user settings on news & Events tab default button will not work for FONT.

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