What is a Standing Instruction?

A Standing Instruction is given to your bank to execute transfer of funds for a specified value to a specific account, on the same date of every month.

By setting up a 'Standing Instruction' with your bank to transfer funds to your Sharekhan trading account towards Stock SIPs or Mutual fund SIPs, you will no longer need to initiate an amount transfer, or send us a cheque every month. Now you can execute your Systematic Investment Plan with the ease and leave all the tedious fund transfers to us.


The four simple steps to do this are:

For example:

Mr Ram has set up a SIP in his Sharekhan online mutual fund account to invest in one of Sharekhan’s Top Equity recommended fund – IDFC Premier Equity. The SIP amount is Rs 5000 and the date of investment is on the 10th of every month for the next 3 years
(36 months). He sets up a ‘Standing Instruction’ on his bank account to transfer money on the 7th of every month ( 3 days before the SIP date) for the next 36 months. This will ensure that all his SIP transactions get executed successfully.


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up your Standing Instructions with your
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