Upload your final vaccination certificate on ShareKonnect before April 30, 2022

April 28, 2022

Dear Sheru,

You are requested to upload your final COVID-19 vaccination certificate on ShareKonnect, the human resource management system of Sharekhan, on or before April 30, 2022. It is mandatory to submit COVID-19 vaccination certificate to the Human Resources (HR) team of the company so that we can maintain a record of the staff who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, that is those who have taken the first and the second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Upload your vaccination certificate on ShareKonnect easily

  • Log in to ShareKonnect.
  • Go to “Employee Information”.
  • In “Employee List”, click on “Edit” in the action column.
  • Click on “KYE”.
  • Click on “Add” button.
  • Select Document type as "Certificate for Covid 19 Vaccination".
  • Fill in the other details.
  • Upload your final dose vaccination certificate.
  • Click on “Save” button.

Please upload the digital certificate at the earliest. Reach out to the HR team at hr@sharekhan.com for any help in this regard.

Also, if you still have not vaccinated yourself against COVID-19, we encourage you to get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible, as vaccination can help protect you from getting the disease.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Rajesh Shetty
CHRO and Head – Internal Communications and CSR

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