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Designed for the serious, welcome to Sharekhan!

Ask any market veteran and you will know that consistently making money from the markets is not easy at all. It requires a serious approach that involves serious research, serious risk analysis and serious discipline. Our full-service model, which consists of an expert Research team, experienced Relationship Managers, wide network of branches, information packed trading & investing platforms and education is designed to help you understand the required serious approach. It also helps you get the power of our experience and expertise on your side

For those serious about
becoming "Stock Market ka Sher" 

The one thing required to become "Stock Market ka Sher" is to constantly improve your knowledge and understanding about investing and trading. Education is a core pillar of how Sharekhan wants to help new comers and experienced customers both - so we offer zero cost & paid education modules to our customers. Learn about online share trading and share market investment at your pace.

Get access to baseline learning about the market, whether you want to do online trading, invest or both!


Master the skills you need to trade and invest with confidence, attend a Power Money Webinar (zero cost)


For those serious about share market

trading in Options

As per a recent SEBI study @, 9 out of 10 individual traders in equity F&O segment incurred an average loss of ₹ 1.1 lakh during FY 2022. Most of them were operating in the Options segment of online stock market trading. Our 24+ years of experience seeing different market cycles is what gives us the confidence to effectively guide our customers and their hard earned savings when it comes to share market trading in Options.

For those serious about platforms packed with deep-analysis features for online trading

From various types of charts for deep technical analysis to online share trading features like Rohit Indicators and Option Chain, our platform features are Built by Traders Who Code. Our aim is to provide you distilled information to aid decision-making in online stock market trading.

For those serious about wealth creation in the stock market backed by expert recommendations

Our latest creation is a simple all-in-one app called InvesTiger. It contains solid, handpicked stock baskets curated by our experienced research team to aid long-term wealth creation. These stock baskets are based on different themes for your to choose from and start as low as 50K. Simplicity in right stock selection, market tracking and timely action is now easy to do with just a few clicks. All you need are a demat account and the InvesTiger app!

For those serious about understanding
our research approach

We offer free research recommendations across mutual funds, long term investing and technical analysis for trading.
We also offer free research coverage across all segments – Equity, Futures & Options, Currency and Commodity.
But before you look at our recommendations it’s important for you to understand how our research calls are derived.

3R Research Philosophy

Research for long-term investments

POP Research Philosophy

Technical research philosophy

Q-Square Research

Mutual Funds research philosophy


For those serious about getting services designed for their core needs

Our years of experience has indicated that people have different needs when they come to the markets. So to offer services focused on different needs we have different segments that one can belong to and avail of unique services.

Sharekhan’s bespoke offering for Ultra HNI individuals, large families and corporate accounts.

Financial freedom, assisted by a team of experts! Experience end-to-end investment solutions with your online trading account.

Charges simplified + Platforms simplified + Time spent simplified + Expert support simplified = Trading Simplified.

In the stock market, starting right is half the fight! Sharekhan Classic helps you set off on the right path when it comes to trading and investing.

For those serious about planning for their family’s future via one-on-one sit down sessions

With 4200+ Sharekhan centres across 1100+ cities, you won’t have to travel far to do a detailed planning-your-trading-and-investing session that is designed to make markets work for your family’s future. From IPO to share market investment and demat account to mutual funds, we've got your family covered!

For those serious about growing their savings rather than focusing on brokerage charges

The truth is that your entry in the markets is not to save on brokerage but to grow your savings via the markets. So, when we charge more it’s because we provide you with services designed to grow your savings. These services include research recommendations (across all segments – Equity, Futures & Options, Currency and Commodity), guidance from our experienced Relationship Managers, wide array of education modules, analysis packed trading platforms and our 4200+ Sharekhan centres across 1100+ cities in case you want to sit down and plan for the future. So its up to you to decide if this will help you more or not in your journey in the markets

Designed for the serious – with Sharekhan
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MyGTD (My Good-Till-Date) orders is now available for Futures and Options segment.