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Build and execute your Futures and Options strategies with powerful tools that are easy to use and the brainchild of our F&O specialists

Options Matrix

Options Matrix

Also termed as Options Data, this helps you scan through the listings of all available Options contracts (both Puts and Calls) simultaneously in seconds.

Options Matrix

Expiry Day Strategy

Expiry day low premium Options can give you the same advantages as Futures. Make the most of them with our Expiry Day Strategy.

Options Matrix

Options Calculator

This online Options calculator renders quick calculations of the true value of an Option by considering different Greek parameters.

Options Matrix

Advanced charting for Futures and Options

With advanced charting, view data through different chart types and customise your chart alerts exactly the way you want it.

Leverage Products

Exchange Margin Funding
Exchange Margin

Exchange Margin Funding
BigTrade and

Exchange Margin Funding

Derivatives research ideas

With Sharekhan, receive calls from our specialist derivative desk with over 100+ years of combined experience

Trading calls for Options only with a pre-defined stop-loss, targets and time frame. These calls are based on the analysis of open interest, implied volatility and the put-call ratio of the underlying assets.

Type Long Short ideas
Margin Rs 10,000 to 20,000
Avg. Ideas per month 60 to 70
Max open positions 4
Timeframe 1-3 days
Target (%) 50 - 80%
Stop-loss 50%
Drawdown amount 30 - 40% of invested capital

A periodic derivative report for Options strategy released whenever we find an opportunity. These calls are based on the analysis of events (earnings, corporate announcements, etc), open interest, implied volatility and put-call ratio of the underlying asset.

Type Long and Short Ideas
Margin Rs 3,00,000
Avg. Ideas per Month 20
Max Open Positions 4
Timeframe (months) 1 day - 1 week
Risk-Reward 1:1 (minimum)
Drawdown Amount 3 - 5% of invested capital
Why trade in Futures and Options?

Why trade in Futures and Options?

  • Requires smaller margins
  • Allows for index trading and short positions
  • Standardised contracts
  • Various Option trading strategies to suit different market scenarios - bullish, bearish and neutral
  • Ideal hedging tool

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