Algo Solutions with Sharekhan


AlgoScalp is an automated (Algo) product introduced by Sharekhan. It is ideal for clients looking to take advantage of volatility through a disciplined approach.

Features of Algoscalp

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Trades in the Equity Fut (Index/Stock) and Currency Fut segments

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Takes advantage of volatility by buying and selling at predetermined threshold differences

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It is a capital intensive product (requires minimum investment of INR 50 lakhs) leveraged product and it requires trading discipline

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Entire execution is via a system and the reporting takes place on a daily as well as monthly basis

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GAP opening in volatile ties are opportunities and can be captured by following trading discipline

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Greek Software powered by Greeksoft

Intelligent Algo-enabled Greek tools introduced by our third-party partner, Greeksoft

Discover the true potential of an algorithmic trading system designed by Greeksoft, which can respond to real-time opportunities in microseconds (0.000001 seconds), including "short-lived" opportunities. The tech further monitors the prices of tens of thousands of instruments parallelly for complex patterns to execute the strategy you need at the speed you always wished for.

Our partnership with Greeksoft further gives you access to a gamut of products, ranging from Options Algos, Execution Algos, Chart-based Auto Execution, Slice Order, Jobbing and many more.

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Real-time strategy analysis


Option pay-off graphs


Respond to opportunities in microseconds


Can monitor prices of thousands of instruments parallelly

AmiBroker trading bridge

With TradeTiger, generate trading signals based on the strategies written with the help of more than 80 studies performed at AmiBroker. Push alerts instantly to TradeTiger in order to execute orders to the Exchange.

Give your trading an edge by integrating the charting software of AmiBroker with one of the most popular trading platforms, TradeTiger. Build, back-test and run your trading strategies on AmiBroker and execute trades in real-time through the reknowned TradeTiger platform.

API Integration