3R Investment Research

3R Investment Research

For more than 20 years, Sharekhan Research has made its mark by consistently coming out with successful investment ideas. The secret of this successful track record is finally revealed.

For the very first time, we are highlighting our Research philosophy and the disciplined methodology we follow to script an investment roadmap that is geared towards success!

Understanding 3R Research Philosophy

We have formalised our Fundamental Research approach to combine these important aspects:

Big Picture + Business Robustness + Sensible Valuation

This brings us the 3R Research Philosophy, which enhances the effectiveness of an investment idea and helps us make right decisions for long-term investments. The 3R Research Philosophy involves the deep analysis of three matrixes: Right sector, Right quality and Right valuation. These form the foundation to generating the Right investment ideas for Sharekhan’s Fundamental Research Team.

3R Research Approach

3R Investment Approach
Right Sector

Isolating sectors with strong growth prospects from the long-term perspective

Favorable industry structure, big runway for growth, huge opportunity size, high entry barrier and relatively immune to government policies

Right Quality

Management excellence with strong business fundamentals

Sustained competitive advantage; sound business strategy, integrity and transparent management; and portraying great execution through sustained strong financial performance.

Right Valuation

Buying good businesses at sensible prices

Using different valuation methods such as PEG, DCF and relative valuation to get sensible values; determining the right time to investment by comparing current valuation to historical PE band / peer valuation

3R Philosophy – What’s in It for You?

Long-term Strategy

Long-term Strategy

Long-term Strategy

Wide Coverage with Continuous Monitoring

Long-term Strategy

New Opportunities

Long-term Strategy

Stock Follow-ups

Long-term Strategy

Weeding Out Bad Stocks

Long-term Strategy

Simple and actionable insights

Sharekhan Research Packages

Choose from among a variety of actionable, in-depth Research packages and get access to 20+ regular Research reports.