Your financial freedom, your way

We offer a wide spectrum of products across asset classes, each carefully selected after exhaustive research and due diligence. Further, the range of products allows you the flexibility to let your investments be managed by professional investment managers or to get involved in the decision-making yourself!
Super Investor Eligibility Criteria
Minimum Relationship value of ₹ 10 lakhs, covering Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Corporate Deposits and other Alternate Assets

Your financial freedom assisted by a team of Experts

Plan with an Investment Specialist

A highly experienced Investment Specialist will analyse your assets and portfolio, take into consideration the prevalent market conditions and recommend solutions that enable you to meet your dreams and ambitions towards achieving your financial freedom. Expertly

Manage proficiently with an Equity Expert

Enjoy the guidance of a dedicated Equity Expert with a demonstrated history of working in the capital markets industry. Your Equity Expert will also be skilled in equity advisory and stock portfolio management.

Execute on demand with Senior Dealers

You will also be assisted by Senior Dealers with a dedicated Dial-N-Invest number to execute your investment transactions.

We take a disciplined approach to help you build and manage your portfolio by conducting periodic portfolio reviews, keeping in mind your financial goals and the prevalent market conditions to curate solutions that optimize your wealth journey.

Click or Brick – The choice is yours

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Comfortable managing your investments online?

We’ve got you covered with a suite of digital platforms and products designed for simple, efficient transactions and interactions that cover the whole gamut of investments

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Prefer to conduct investment interactions face-to-face with an Investment Specialist?

We are more than happy to oblige. Our team of experts brings to bear Sharekhan’s 23+ years of experience

Crafting that Wealth Creator mindset

We help you develop an investing mindset and imbibe money behaviours that are key to wealth creation. Here’s how:

Sharekhan Platforms
Special Invitation to Power Money Workshops
  • Online webinars to understand how markets really work and how institutions trade and affect the markets
  • Why a majority of short-term traders and long-term investors fail to achieve their financial goals
  • How professionals locate high-probability trading and investing opportunities
Exclusive invitation to a customised 2-day seminar
to help you take steps to trade and invest like a professional
  • To help you take steps to trade and invest like a professional
  • Build that Wealth Creator mindset from scratch
Introduction to our proprietary rule-based investing strategy
  • Combining both Technicals and Fundamentals for active investing
  • How Options as an asset class can help investors take their portfolio output a notch higher

Diverse range of products and solutions available

We tailor investment solutions to get you to your financial goals.

Mutual fund at sharekhan
Mutual Funds

You can invest in Mutual Fund schemes of all major Asset Management Companies

Mutual fund at sharekhan
Bouquet of Broking Products

Wide variety of products you can trade in, such as Equity (Cash and Derivatives), Commodities, Currency and more

Mutual fund at sharekhan
Portfolio Management Services

This service helps you invest in a portfolio of stocks, fixed income, cash, structured products and other individual securities, managed by a professional money manager who tailors the portfolio to meet your specific investment objectives

Mutual fund at sharekhan
Fixed Income Instruments

Corporate Fixed Deposits, Sovereign Gold Bonds, Non-Convertible Debentures, 54 EC Bonds and more!

Your financial freedom, your way

Join the Super Investor segment

Super Investor Eligibility Criteria: Maintenance of a minimum Total Relationship Value (TRV) of ₹ 10 lakhs

*TRV comprises of Total Mutual Funds Asset Value + PMS Asset Value + Total Demat Asset Value