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Proud to be one of the pioneers of online trading in India, is a platform that has evolved over 19 years to provide you a plethora of features that single-mindedly give you a highly informed and smart investing experience.

Everything here is Advanced, even its

Pattern Finder

Advanced Charting and Watchlists

Keep a tab on all the relevant data in the stock market; view in-depth details of your scrips in one place; access Options data, heat maps and similar stock recommendations get relevant news updates, fundamentals and much more. You know, we call it advanced for a reason (or several)...

Pattern Finder

Pattern Finder

A third-party tool from Insignia that provides technical insights through patterns and charts to help customers better identify and predict patterns. One of our most prized possessions. A potential game-changer for you!

Order Types and Tools Tailored for Different
Customer Types

Order placement screens custom-made to suit customers of all types. Right from simple order screens for new-to-market customers to advanced screens for EMF orders, bracket orders, BigTrade and many more to fulfill every need of every customer. 

An advanced time-saving tool where you can place orders simply through the search bar without even having to go to the order placement screen!


One of Its Kind – Smart Search and Investment Cart

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