Sharekhan App

Sharekhan App

Built by Traders Who Code

While the Sharekhan app is one of the more reliable and sophisticated investment mobile solutions out there, what makes it truly an asset for you is the trading innovations team behind it, which is continuously striving to improve your experience and provide you with tools you will not get anywhere else.

If you have been looking for one of the best trading apps in India, you've come to the right place!

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Saves You Time to Focus on Making Opportunities

IntelligentScrip Search for Equity
Intelligent Scrip Search for Equity, Derivatives, Options and MF

An intelligent dedicated search mechanism to provide fast, detailed and actionable search for Equity, Derivatives, Options and MF

IntelligentScrip Search for Equity
Pre-defined Market Watch, Live Indices Heat Map and Fundamental News Alerts

Get instant and live actionable access to market movements, watchlists and fundamental news alerts to keep yourself informed at all times 

Trade Your Way with the Tools You Need

AdvancedCharts and PatternFinder for Mobile
Advanced Charts and Pattern Finder for Mobile

Trade directly from charts, scan the markets through 6 different chart types with 16 different timeframes and get the highly acclaimed tool Pattern Finder for mobile

AdvancedCharts and PatternFinder for Mobile
Market Stats Filters and In-depth Scrip Quotes

Scan the market with useful filters and detailed charting and market depth to help scan movements on scrips instantaneously across segments

Platform app

Make Your App the Way You Want It

Customisable Journey, Voice Search, Smarter Issue Reporting

The Sharekhan app is tailor-made to fit your trading journey. Not happy with your dashboard? Modify it to suit your needs! Unhappy with something? Report it with just a hand gesture!

Shortcut your Strategies

Create shortcuts for your favorite stocks/scrips on mobile home screen for faster access, tracking and taking actions.