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Equity trading in India

“Equities” refer to the shares or stocks that a public company offers to the investor in exchange for capital. These equities can be bought or sold in the share market.

Equities have emerged as a viable market to grow one’s wealth over the past few decades in India. Using the power of compounding (often dubbed as the Eighth Wonder of the World), investing in stocks and the share market has proven beneficial to many investors. Our country enjoys a thriving equity trading space.

Having said that, it requires knowledge and experience to multiply money over any period of time. To accomplish this goal, the majority of investors choose trading on the stock market. Equity trading entails purchasing and reselling company shares on the stock market. With an equity trading account, you can do this.

For trading on the financial markets in India, registration with a brokerage company is required. In addition to unparalleled brokering services and sleek, efficient platforms, Sharekhan also provides actionable Research to its customers. Making the appropriate decisions on which stocks to buy and sell is made easier thanks to this!

Trading in equity market

Besides being a good avenue to build your corpus, the equity market is also popular due to:

  • Simple to enter and exit equities
  • Diverse universe of listed companies
  • Taxation is friendly
  • Well-regulated and transparent

Each share of stock denotes ownership in a publicly listed company. Investors find this appealing because when a company succeeds, the value of their stocks increases, rewarding the investors. A corporation runs the risk of seeing its stock value decline when business is sluggish. Stocks are easily and quickly purchased and sold, and the activity surrounding a particular stock affects its value. For instance, the price of the stock typically increases when there is a large demand to invest in the company, and it typically declines when there is a significant desire to sell stocks.

What is an equity account?

You require a Demat (dematerialized) account to engage in equity trading in India. You can hold shares of companies in a dematerialized manner and buy and sell them using this Demat account.

Once your Demat and trading account has been opened, and with your approval, it will be connected to your savings bank account for fund transfers. Thanks to our 100% digital process, Sharekhan offers integrated platforms to open your account in just 15 minutes!*

Why a Demat account: A Demat account stores the Securities you purchase in a paperless (dematerialized) format that is 100% digital.
Why a Trading account: You can purchase and sell Securities on the stock exchange using a trading account. On opening an account, you receive a unique Trading ID.

Benefits of opening an equity trading account

Benefits of opening an equity trading account

Purchasing or selling shares once required speaking with your broker on the phone or sending a letter through the mail. Shares were held in tangible form, clearing took a long time, and fraud, forgery, or impersonation risk were constant concerns. All of this changed when online equity trading accounts were made available in the Indian markets. Here are more benefits:

  • No Paperwork: As mentioned earlier, before demat accounts came around, trading and investing required lots of paperwork and shares had to be held physically. An equity trading account (demat account) eliminates this requirement.
  • Invest in Your Favoured Instruments: Subscribe for IPOs or mutual funds, invest in public companies whose story you want to be a part of, invest short term or long – it’s your market!
  • Trading Much Faster & Diversified: Shares across segments can be purchased or sold instantly using an equity trading account. Settlements are quick and allow multi-leg trading strategies.
  • Prevents Loss, Theft & Damage to Your Holdings: Your holdings are held in dematerialized form, which ensures that they are guarded against deterioration through use, loss or theft.
  • Different Instruments in a Single Account: You can invest in stocks, Commodities, F&O, ELSS, Currencies and much more through your online demat account.

How to open equity account

At Sharekhan, an equity trading account, also known as a Demat & Trading account, can be opened 100% online in just 15 minutes*. Let’s see how this happens and the steps involved:

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Fill in your basic personal details

an image

Upload a few KYC documents (like PAN, Aadhaar, cancelled cheque) that are SEBI-mandated to open a Demat & Trading account

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The Demat & Trading account is activated post verification

Why invest in equity trading through Sharekhan

As a full-service broker, Sharekhan offers its customers FREE Research across segments, which includes Equity Research coverage as well.

Over 23+ years, Sharekhan Research has gained the reputation of consistently coming out with successful investment ideas. The secret of this successful track record is our bespoke 3R Research Philosophy.

Sharekhan Investment Research Offerings

Investment Research
  • Dedicated team of Analysts
High-Conviction Buys
  • 15-20 stocks across Market Caps & Sectors, from our coverage universe
Stock Baskets
  • InvesTiger app launched in May 2022
  • Handpicked stock baskets curated to stay ahead of the markets!
  • Prime Picks (in house)
  • PMS from WhiteOak, Marcellus, Equirus and others also available
MF Picks and Strategy
  • Top Picks are published monthly

But that’s not all! Sharekhan has much more to offer

Online trading platforms built by techies with a passion for trading

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  • Live feeds, intelligent search and reports
  • Smart tools and advanced charting
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The desktop trading platform built for Pro traders, TradeTiger is geared to give you a trading experience only limited by your imagination.

Seamless online processes

We believe in trading, not in paperwork! Right from a breezy account opening experience to segment activation and more, Sharekhan’s platforms have been built keeping your time in mind.

Dedicated Relationship Managers

100% digital not your thing? Prefer to have someone to talk to? Sharekhan’s pan-India network of Relationship Managers are ready to service your requests and assist you with your account.


Dial-N-Trade is a free service that allows you to place trading orders simply through a phone call. What’s more, our expert tele-brokers are in a position to help you with inputs to make solid trading decisions.

Research perfected over decades, now decoded for you

It's your hard-earned money. You have a right to know exactly where you should put it and why.

With cumulative experience of 100+ years, our Research team prides itself on providing simplified research that you can rely on.

Experience counts

When it comes to the markets, it's critical to get started right! Sharekhan, a full-service broker backed by the strength of the BNP Paribas Group, has been guiding India's retail stock investors for 22+ years.

Equity trading FAQs

In India, the primary trading hours for equities is 9:15 am to 3:30 pm. However, through the After Market Order (AMO) window, one can place equity orders the rest of the time as well.

Good question! Investors generally keep an eye on news and company events like Dividend announcements, AGM, Mergers and Acquisitions and others. There are generally 2 types of investors: active and passive. The active investors like to buy and sell stocks repeatedly in order to make a profit. They use tools such as Fundamental Research and Technical Research to make informed decisions. Passive investing involves fewer rebalances of one’s portfolio and longer investment periods.

Equities can be purchased and sold on the market using an online equity trading account (demat account). This is known as equity trading or stock trading. You must first comprehend the idea of stocks before you can comprehend what equity trading is. Equities, which represent a share of ownership in a firm, are freely exchanged for listed companies on the NSE and the BSE. As of this writing, India’s exchanges (BSE and NSE) have around 7,000 listed companies.