Margin Funding

Leverage Products

Leverage products enable you to procure funding for new Buy trades in approved Securities of the Equity Cash segment by just paying an upfront margin. This enables you to buy shares worth more than you can spare and take exposure in the market over and above your resources.

Benefits of Leverage products with Sharekhan

  • Enhance your stock-buying power
  • Participate in the growth story of companies by just paying margins
  • Benefit from price movements that happen over the short to medium terms
  • Enjoy a comfortable borrowing experience
  • Leverage available across Equity, Commodities, Currency

Margin Trading Facility (MTF)

MTF is a SEBI-regulated and Exchanges-approved feature that Sharekhan provides to its customers. Using the MTF as an investor, you can buy shares by paying margin. This margin can be given either as cash or approved shares as collateral. Balance amount will be funded by Sharekhan.

Let’s see an example. If you have bought shares of XYZ Ltd. worth Rs 1,00,000, then you are supposed to pay 25%* (Rs 25,000) only and balance Rs 75,000 will be paid by Sharekhan on your behalf.

Key benefits of the MTF
  • Enhance your buying power for Delivery trades in the Equity Cash segment
  • Participate in the equity growth story by just paying margin amounts
  • Benefit from price movements that happen over the short to medium terms
  • Enjoy a comfortable borrowing experience
  • Separate MTF Holding Report
* Margin % depends on the scrip you buy and may vary from time to time

BigTrade+ leverage facility for Intraday traders

BigTrade+ is a leverage facility that lets you place market orders in a specified range along with a mandatory and simultaneous Stop-Loss order. The Stop-Loss order cannot be cancelled.

Since the Stop Loss Order is placed simultaneously, while getting into the contract, the risk that is taken automatically reduces. Because the risk reduces, the margin requirement also automatically reduces. Remember that all BigTrade+ (cover orders) will be automatically squared off at 3:15 PM and hence this is a good tool for Intraday traders.

BigTrade+ and BigTrade are Sharekhan’s Margin Intraday Square-off (MIS) leverage products.

Key Features of BigTrade+ facility
  • Maximise your Intraday trading power by just adding stop-loss to your orders in Equity Cash and F&O segments
  • Place 3 orders in one go for a faster trading experience
  • Auto square-off facility for open positions before market closes
  • Order window and order book designed to aid faster decision-making and square off bracket orders straight from the Position Report
Key features of BigTrade facility
  • Enhance your Intraday trading power in Equity Cash and Commodity segments
  • Get the most from your trading by just paying a small margin
  • BigTrade gives you the auto square-off facility for open positions before market closes
  • Smartly designed order window and order book to aid faster decision-making
  • Straightforward conversion of BigTrade orders to Delivery trades

Investment facility for Short-term Traders

Just as BigTrade+ and BigTrade are leverage products meant for Intraday traders, Sharekhan provides the Investment leverage product for Short-term traders.

Key features of the Investment facility
  • Ideal for investors looking to hold shares for the medium to long term
  • Useful for short-term traders who want to take leverage positions with up to 5 days’ view
  • Use your existing DP holdings as collateral/pledge to get margin for short-term trading!

Kaam ki cheez – Margin Calculator!

Our margin calculator needs just a few basic details of your order to display the margin you will get for Intraday and Delivery trades across segments. All types of margins, such as SPAN, Value at Risk (VaR), Extreme Loss Margin (ELM) and Sharekhan Margin Exposure can be calculated easily using margin calculator.