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As a Full-Service Broker doing full-service things, you can rest assured our smart Services deliver quality at straightforward brokerage rates. With Sharekhan, you can explore trading and investing in Equity, Futures & Options (F&O), Commodity and Currency. There are also a bouquet of Mutual Fund offerings, IPOs, Fixed Deposits and Bonds and NRI Services. Explore

No sleepless Night
Specialized Services

Our Specialized Services cater to your specific needs. We understand what’s important for you and focus our support and communications and cut out the spam. We offer the Sharekhan Classic experience, Super Traders and Super Investors get the support and services they need to stay ahead, and HNIs are offered the Sharekhan One bespoke experience. Explore

No sleepless Night

Sharekhan’s holistic Products cater to niche requirements. You can explore our Portfolio Management Services (PMS) products, F&O Solutions, Algo Solutions, the handy Pattern Finder tool, and Margin Funding to boost your trading. Explore

Sharekhan’s Services

The sheer bouquet of Services under our umbrella mandates its own bullet list! So here we are:

Equity Trading

Besides being a good avenue to build your corpus, the Equity market is also popular due to the ease with which you can enter and exit it, the diverse universe of listed companies, its taxation friendliness and the tight regulations and transparency.

For more than 20 years, Sharekhan Research has made its mark by consistently coming out with successful investment ideas. The secret of this successful track record is finally revealed – The 3R Research Philosophy. Know more about our Research philosophy and the disciplined methodology we follow to script an investment roadmap that is geared towards success!


Options Trading

Options are a type of Derivative instrument that’s traded in the share market. Derivatives, which have no inherent value of their own, derive their value from changes in the price of other financial instruments, known as the underlying asset. There are mainly 4 types of underlying assets: stocks, indices, currency pairs, and commodities. A derivative's price follows the price of the underlying security from which it derives its value.

We’ve taken our F&O knowledge accumulated over 2 decades to craft Tools and Research methodologies that actually work! We know the opportunities that Options present, and we’ve built an F&O ecosystem that delivers for you


Futures Trading

Instead of buying or selling the actual Cash commodity, which is done with a stock, Futures are typically used to hedge Commodity price-fluctuation risks or to take advantage of price changes. Hedgers and speculators are the two main players in Futures trading. Futures are used by hedgers to protect themselves from irrational or quick future price changes in the underlying Cash commodity.

When compared to other asset classes, the Derivatives segment (Futures & Options) quite often offers traders unique opportunities. Be it Intraday trading or for a Swing trader, the Derivatives market can be an attractive avenue for the pursuit of your financial goals. That is why our Research Desk provides you a 360° product suite for Futures & Options (F&O).

Instead of buying or selling the actual Cash commodity, which is done with a stock, Futures are typically used to hedge Commodity price-fluctuation risks or to take advantage of price changes.

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Commodity Trading

While commodities are generally segregated into 2 types, hard and soft, they are understood to be naturally occurring raw materials or resources that are standardised, have intrinsic worth and are typically utilised to make refined goods. Examples of tradeable commodities include crude oil, natural gas, gold,silver, copper, zinc, nickel, rice and wheat.

With Commodity Trading, Sharekhan keeps it simple and full-service. We give you powerful trading platforms. We give you FREE recommendations and strategies backed by Research. And we give you the human support and teacher-led Learning Modules you need to take you places.


Currency Trading

You might be surprised to know that FOREX (acronym for Foreign Exchange) is the largest market in the world in terms of daily trading volume, close to USD 7 trillion. It is also the oldest market.

Currency trading is quite different from trading in the Equities or Commodities segments. This is because trading happens in currency pairs. When you trade currencies, you simultaneously buy one currency and sell another, unlike when you buy Equities or Commodities. On the forex exchange market, cash settlements are the norm.

At Sharekhan, we know the Currency segment provides unique opportunities for traders, and we’ve built an ecosystem that helps you make the most of this segment. We give you powerful trading platforms.

We give you FREE recommendations and strategies backed by Research. And we give you the human support and teacher-led Learning Modules you need to take you places.


Mutual Funds

Professionally managed investment avenue that is diversified while being affordable as well as liquid – what else can one ask for?!

It is no surprise that Mutual Funds have emerged as the investment avenue of choice for an emerging India. With Sharekhan, experience MFs like never before – whether you’re an investor looking to create wealth or a trader waiting for smart opportunities.

Get personalised service support, Research-backed MF recommendations, innovative tools and solutions and the global standards and experience of BNP Paribas.

Check out our bouquet of Mutual Fund products:

  • Funds We Like
  • SIP We Like
  • One Click SIP
  • Lumpsum Go
  • Save Tax under 80C
  • New Fund Offering
  • Model Portfolios


IPOs have been all the rage in India for a while now! Ever wondered why? An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is where a privately held business collects money from the public in exchange for giving them shares in the company.

At Sharekhan, it takes just 3 steps to invest in an IPO! What’s more, the combo of investing via UPI and our speedy digital platforms makes IPO investing a walk in the park!


Fixed Deposits and Bonds

Fixed Income instruments include assets and securities that give investors a set cash flow, usually as fixed interest or dividends. Although Sovereign Gold Bonds, Corporate Fixed Deposits and Government Securities (G-Secs) are the most common types of Fixed Income products, at Sharekhan you get a larger pool of fixed income instruments to choose from:

  • Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs)
  • Corporate Fixed Deposits
  • Government Securities
  • Capital Gains Bonds (54EC Bonds)
  • Listed Non-Convertible Debentures

NRI Services

As an NRI, your investment needs are unique, and we understand that.

At Sharekhan, our aim is to demystify the markets for you and assist you in your investment journey. With an ever-innovating digital team, a reputed Research Desk and 2.9 million+ happy customers, we stand ready to help you achieve your financial targets.


Sharekhan’s Specialised Services

We asked ourselves a couple of questions one day:
Why should a trader receive communications about a Mutual Fund?
Does a long-term investor really need to be approached for a Webinar on Option Chains?

And we realized that they

In the stock market, starting right is half the fight! Sharekhan Classic helps you set off on the right path when it comes to trading and investing.

Starting with ROAR (a one-of-its-kind program designed to get you started in the capital markets), and with the right guidance and hand-holding from Sharekhan Classroom , and a quick intro to our easy-to-use platforms, you’ll be on your way to take charge of your financial future through trading and investments.

Sharekhan’s bespoke offering for Ultra HNI individuals, large families and corporate accounts is structured to offer baskets of in-house investment solutions and researched third-party solutions to transition from wealth protection to wealth creation.

Financial freedom for you, assisted by a team of experts from us!

Experience end-to-end investment solutions designed for all your investment needs.

We offer a wide spectrum of products across asset classes, each carefully selected after exhaustive research and due diligence. Further, the range of products allows you the flexibility to let your investments be managed by professional investment managers or to get involved in the decision-making yourself!

Charges simplified + Platforms simplified + Time spent simplified + Expert support simplified = Trading Simplified

Our 23+ years of experience has endeavoured us towards fulfilling the core need of simplifying trading for the many types of traders out there.

So, no matter what your specific trading style and requirement is, the Super Trader team is equipped to support you.

Sharekhan’s Products

Our Products and tools have been developed on the journey of 2 decades of delivering customer delight. Here’s a list of these niche offerings:

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

You can have your investments professionally managed with the help of Sharekhan’s Portfolio Management Services, which are designed to fit your unique investment plan. Our PMS Team aims to maintain your investments in line with your financial strategy, whether you're aiming to build and secure your money or intend to have a financially secure retirement.

Our strategy endeavours to work well over long-term investments and has the potential to deliver superior returns.


F&O Solutions

When compared to other asset classes, the Derivative segments quite often offer traders unique opportunities. That is why our F&O team provides you a 360° product suite for Futures and Options (F&O).

With tools like Options Matrix, Expiry Day Strategy, Options Calculator and Advanced Charting; F&O leverage solutions like BigTrade+ (Margin Intraday Square-off+) and BigTrade (Margin Intraday Square-off); and proprietary Derivatives Research ideas like Derivatives Calls, Derivatives Idea Strategy and Derivatives Idea, Sharekhan stands ready to support you in your F&O journey!


Algo Solutions

Go Algo for smarter trading solutions!

Get powerful, computer-assisted programs on your side to maximise the potential of trading strategies. Sharekhan brings to you algorithmic products and solutions for a smarter trading experience.

With Algo Solutions, you can respond to opportunities in microseconds, monitor prices of thousands of instruments parallelly, get real-time strategy analysis and much more. What are you waiting for?


Pattern Finder

PatternFinder is a tool that analyses stocks and indices, extracts profitable opportunities and delivers the information to you need to make the most of it. It works by scanning stocks in all supported markets every night, based on the standards of Technical Analysis and displays charts, patterns and predicts prices

PatternFinder exists to save you a lot of time and effort while equipping you with critical pattern-recognition information and trading ideas. The final goal is to deliver profitable trading opportunities to you.


Margin Funding

Sharekhan’s Margin Funding leverage products enable you to procure funding for new Buy trades in approved Securities of the Equity Cash segment by just paying an upfront margin. This enables you to buy shares worth more than you can spare and take exposure in the market over and above your resources.

Exchange Margin Funding (EMF), the BigTrade+ (Margin Intraday Square-off+) and BigTrade (Margin Intraday Square-off) leverage facility and Investment facility for Short-term Traders are examples of our Margin Funding leverage products.

Sharekhan offers Loan Against Securities (LAS) and ESOP Funding through its subsidiary Sharekhan BNP Paribas Financial Services Limited (SBPFSL).