We at Sharekhan ONE foster long-term relationships built on Excellence and Quality with our promise to have only one focus, YOU.

From wealth creation to wealth protection, we help you to meet your financial goals whilst working within your risk parameters.

We take the time to understand you and your investment requirements, and build a portfolio around your specific needs.

We at Sharekhan ONE serve the highly specialized and sophisticated needs of high net worth individuals and affluent families, providing them a comprehensive range of tailored solutions.


Devang Kamdar
Head - Sharekhan ONE
Sharekhan One Eligibility Criteria
Minimum Relationship value of ₹ 2 crores, covering Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Corporate Deposits and other Alternate Assets

Market-Agnostic Solutions

Structured to offer baskets of in-house investment solutions and researched third-party solutions to Ultra HNI individuals, large families and corporate accounts

wealth creation

  • Portfolio management Solution
  • Unique Investment Product
  • Trading & Protection Strategy

wealth Protection

Comprehensive Investment Solutions

The Sharekhan ONE advantage
  • Asset allocation assistance
  • Exclusive expert events and special access
  • Customised investment baskets (Equity/MF)
  • Managed investment and trading products (IA/PMS)
  • Bespoke investment solutions and advisory
  • Market-agnostic third-party solutions
  • Seamless execution of orders
  • Implementing and executing Exchange-approved strategies
  • Guidance and support from seasoned professionals with a proven track record across market cycles

Our methodology and approach

to match your unique financial needs, keeping in mind your wealth goals

Analyse your goals and needs

By taking a full-circle view of your financial goals and risk appetite, we work towards understanding your requirements to tailor-make solutions for you

Allocate and implement

Your dedicated domain expert will assist you in creating a robust and diversified portfolio as per your financial goals and investment strategy

Periodic monitoring and rebalancing

Through a disciplined approach, review your portfolio periodically and rationalise as per the changing market environment

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Sharekhan ONE Eligibility Criteria: Maintenance of a minimum Total Relationship Value (TRV) of  2 crores

*TRV comprises of Total Mutual Funds Asset Value + PMS Asset Value + Total Demat Asset Value