No matter the stage of your journey into trading, our Super Trader segment is here to help!

If you are interested in getting started with stock trading and Options trading or you are looking for the right path to not incur losses anymore or are at an advanced level looking to automate your strategies, just read on below to find the right match of our services for you.

For those new to Options trading and serious about starting right

When it comes to any form of trading, including Options trading, education is key to avoid making mistakes that can cost you your savings. At Sharekhan, you can get access to education on Options trading. We have our in-house teacher-led sessions on Options trading @ Sharekhan Classroom and we also structured Options courses offered by our group company Sharekhan Education, which has been in service of professional financial education for the past 12+ years.


Learn the basics of trading and investing, how to evaluate your stocks and execute trades!

All the modules are 100% online and teacher-led

Master the skills to trade with confidence through a proprietary strategy, new-age tools and live hand-holding sessions


Learn to trade like a Pro in our SuperTrader Program

For those who have tried Options trading
but haven’t tasted much success yet – we have a lot for you!

1 Understanding this is important

Options Strategies is what we suggest to aim to control the risk of losses and to endeavour to improve the probabilities of profits.
Our Research team's experience is that this approach fares much better than simply buying Options.

2 Strategies for Options Selling

Our Research team understands that Options Selling is what some of us prefer, and in line with that they have designed strategies that work on different legs and can be applied to various indices.

Get Sharekhan Recommendations in popular Options Selling strategies
Strategy NameNo. of LegsIndices RecommendationKnow More
Delta Neutral 2 Nifty, Bank Nifty, Fin Nifty, Sensex
Iron Butterfly 4 Nifty, Bank Nifty, Fin Nifty, Sensex
Iron Condor 4 Nifty, Bank Nifty, Fin Nifty, Sensex
3 Strategies For Options Buying

If Options Buying is where you find your confidence, then our experienced Research team’s got your covered – from Stock Options to Index Options, from single-leg to multi-leg strategies – it’s all available at Sharekhan.

Get Sharekhan Recommendations in Options Buying strategies
Strategy NameNo. of LegsExplore
Stock Options (Intraday/Positional) 1
Index Option (Intraday/Positional) 1
Stock Options Strategies Multileg
Index Options Strategies Multileg
4 Easily access our strategies on the app

You get all our Options Strategies in the palm of your hand on the Sharekhan app. So, simply review the Strategy you prefer and tap away to execute!

For those who are serious about automating
their trading strategies via APIs

The Power of Automation, Delivered.

Trade without trade-offs. Our stock trading APIs are built for all levels of traders. Whether you dabble in Stocks, Options or Futures, our trading API delivers the power, speed and flexibility traders with a need for speed demand. Now seamlessly automate your trading strategies or integrate with third-party platforms.

For those who want access to our Research team’s strategies via API

Our Research Recommendations, now available through our Trading APIs! You get ready-to-execute Research strategies combined with the speed of API. If you are interested in accessing our Research team’s strategies via API, drop a line at the below email ID.

That’s not all – our Super Trader segment has lots more to offer