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India's Top Retail Broker & Analysts Awards

  • May 16, 2024

A BIG thank you to our customers for Sharekhan being recognised as India’s No. 1 Retail Broker & our Research Analysts also winning top ranks.

Sharekhan has been recognised as India’s No. 1 Retail Broker by Asiamoney. Our Research Analysts were also recognised by Asiamoney in rank 1 and 3. These recognitions are a testimony to Sharekhan’s commitment to excellence and the trust that Indian clients have placed in its services. Retail brokerages from sixteen countries— Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hongkong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Srilanka, Philippines, and Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam—participated in this Vox Populi poll.

Analyst Accolades 

Two analysts from Sharekhan bagged the ‘Best Analyst/Commentator’ awards.

- Gaurav Dua, SVP, Head - Capital Market Strategy, was ranked as the Best Analyst/Commentator.

- Sanjeev Hota, Head - Fundamental Research, bagged the second runner-up award in the same category.

These achievements underscore the trust that clients have placed in the insights provided by our research analysts. This inspires the entire Sharekhan team to continue striving for analytical excellence and empowering our investors in making informed decision making. This award endorses one of Sharekhan’s core strength of ‘research-backed’ wealth creation in the stock market.

The 3R approach of identifying the right sector, right quality, and right valuation is the core strength of Sharekhan’s Fundamental Research, continuously generating the right investment ideas for its clients. The InvesTiger App launched by Sharekhan allows investors to leverage Sharekhan’s research in a hassle free manner.

About Asiamoney Retail Brokers Poll 

The Asiamoney Retail Brokers Poll is a prestigious platform that recognises the best retail brokers and analysts in Asia, as voted by retail investors themselves. Surveyed separately from the institutional-focused Brokers Poll, the retail section of the Brokers Poll received a total of 9696 valid responses. The Poll invites retail investors from across Asia to vote for their best broker and Favourite Analyst. It is customers who vote for their brokerage and rate their service.

The online questionnaire was brief and respondents were asked to vote for the following categories in their market:

- Best Retail Brokerage

- Best Analyst/Commentator

Respondents were questioned about the markets they invest in, trading frequency, and the approximate size of the stock portfolio. For the qualitative section, the survey asked respondents to rate the services provided by the brokerage they nominate. The service categories are:

- internet trading platforms

- pricing

- speed of execution

- customer service

The fact that Sharekhan ranked No.1 overall for these services is testament to how our customers feel about them.


Brokerages that receive sufficient votes will be assessed on their average score in each category of service and ranked against all other brokerages in that category.

Credibility in the Methodology of Asiamoney Polls 

1. Winners are determined by the total number of votes they receive.

2. A broker who receives greater than 5% of the votes can only be ranked.

3. Audit of responses by Asiamoney, thus no scope for manipulating votes.

4. Suspected fraudulent responses are rendered void and not eligible to participate in the future.

Other Awards 

Marksmen Daily 2024-25: Sharekhan was recognised as one of the Most Trusted Brands in India for the year 2024-25 by Marksmen Daily. This was the second year for Sharekhan being recognised for this award.

Dun & Bradstreet 2024: Sharekhan was featured among Dun & Bradstreet’s Leading BFSI (Banking Financial Services and Insurance) and FinTech Companies of India in 2024.

These accolades reflect  Sharekhan’s efforts in democratisation of Indian securities markets and satisfying retail investors with a bouquet of services in different segments such as equity, Futures & Options, Commodity & Currency trading.  In addition, Sharekhan provides its customers access to invest in mutual funds, IPOs, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), fixed deposits, and corporate bonds. Even NRI services are offered by Sharekhan to leverage the potential of the Indian Equity Market. Sharekhan believes in offering specialized services catering to the specific needs of retail investors and it does this via its segment offerings Sharekhan One (for HNI clients), Super Trader, Super Investor and Sharekhan Classic. Clients belong to one of the four segments basis their profile and needs.

Teaching  Retail Investors/Clients the serious approach 

Ask any market veteran and you will know that consistently making money from the markets is not easy at all. It requires a serious approach that involves serious research, serious risk analysis and serious discipline. Our full-service model, which consists of an expert Research team, experienced Relationship Managers, wide network of branches, information packed trading & investing platforms and education is designed to help you understand the required serious approach. It also helps you get the power of our experience and expertise on your side.

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