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How to Create the Best Intraday Trading Strategy?

  • Jul 25, 2023

It would help if you backed up your risk using stop-loss restrictions to avoid loss while trading intraday and choose your trading style based on your needs and temperament. The following is a list of effective trading methods in India.

1. Trading technique based on momentum:

Intraday trading methods are all about locating moving equities that exhibit daily variations. Approximately 25-35% of stocks indicate swings. This variation is known as momentum. Such stocks are discovered using stock scanners. In substantial volume, these stocks tend to rise over the Moving Average with little opposition. Momentum in stocks may be produced by a trigger such as results, but it can also be generated without any fundamental support. This is known as a technical breakout. The momentum trading method seeks equities that move in a single direction with significant volume. The momentum trading method has a profit-to-loss ratio of 2:1. Depending on the velocity of movement of the stocks, and a trader may hold them for minutes, days, or hours. Momentum strategies are most effective during early trading hours or when the volume is high. This method might earn you a lot of money if you are aware during the beginning trading hours.

2. Trading Strategy for Reversals

Traders that use the reverse intraday technique; hunt for equities trading at extreme highs and lows. They have a decent chance of reversing their fortunes. When the security's movement changes, a stop is placed, and the traders wait for the securities to reach their maximum fluctuation. The deal is performed when the reverse value comes from the trader's predicted limit.

3. Trading Strategy of "Gap and Go."

The gapers are the centrepiece of this intraday trading method. Gapers are points on a stock chart when no trades are performed. These are known as gapers. These gaps may be caused by various events, such as news, earnings release, or changes in the trader's trading strategy. Gaps often arise during operating hours when there is a demand and supply imbalance. Traders profit from these discrepancies before they get balanced. The gapper approach involves the trader looking for a gap and taking a position in the direction of the gap as a slight trend. When gaps occur in the opposite direction of the minor movement, the opposite direction is entered with a tight stop loss.

4. Trading Strategy Using Bull Flags

A flagpole is produced when there is a significant price movement in one direction. When the resistance line is broken, a new trend begins, and the stocks advance. The bull flags are first ferocious. This is because it promotes breakout and blindsides the bear. The bull flag denotes a substantial price advance in one direction followed by a retreat to form a parallel high and low pattern. It takes a long time for the bull flag to develop and for the top and lower lines to form.

5. Reduce your trading technique

A pullback occurs when movement occurs in the opposite direction of a long-term trend. The pullback approach protects the trader from losing while following the trend. A pullback is not the same as a trend reversal. The pullback approach is supposed to buy weaknesses and sell strengths. Just after the breakthrough is an excellent time to purchase a pullback.

6. A Trading technique for breakouts

A breakout market technique involves a trader entering the market when the price exceeds its resistance and support levels. Traders employ the technical indicator volume to look for such a pattern in the market. Breakouts need swift entry and departure. It does not entail any waiting for the trader. Compute the breakout price level first and then wait for the breakout. This is a dangerous trading strategy since, after the breakthrough, there is nothing left to purchase.


The most sought-after trading strategy is intraday trading. Most of the tactics listed above help carry out effective deals. You may trade using one of the following tactics. Without previous information, trading is dangerous. It should be remembered that most traders do not risk more than 2% of their cash on a single deal. It is better if you always begin with tiny amounts of money, or you will waste your hard-earned money. For risk management, use stop loss and position size. To master the trading world, it is recommended that you practise trading regularly.

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