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Top 5 Benefits Of Having Multiple Demat Accounts

  • Jul 20, 2023

To gain access to the securities market, you must first open a Demat account with a depository participant (DP), usually your stockbroker. Several brokers accessible online allow new investors to register a Demat account and trade with little fees. However, if you like, you may choose a full-service broker who, in addition to allowing you to register a Demat account and trade on the stock market, will also provide you with other services.

Investors may, however, choose to create several Demat accounts. There are several benefits to doing so; nevertheless, there are also negatives and more significant risks if you are unfamiliar with managing several Demat accounts. Let's look at the five benefits of multiple Demat account:

  • When weighing the benefits and drawbacks of a Demat account, one advantage that sticks out is the opportunity to use information obtained from one broker for your more extensive portfolio. For example, you might apply the recommendations and advice from your full-service broker to the way you handle your other assets, which would be managed via a general-discount broker who would not provide the same degree of counselling. This can lead to an improvement in your understanding of stock market investment, thus boosting your portfolio as well.
  • Another advantage of creating numerous Demat accounts is that you may use the various interfaces provided by different brokers, depending on your preferences.
  • To divide your long and short investments, you can open multiple Demat accounts with different brokers. You could, for instance, open a Demat account with a broker who charges lower trading fees for your short-term investment opportunities because your net trades are higher, and you could also open a Demat account with a broker who charges lower account maintenance fees for your long-term investment opportunities because you are more likely to retain on to them but not trade them as frequently.
  • Opening numerous Demat accounts also allows you to diversify your investments and increase your trustworthiness. If, for example, you want to participate in an IPO that is not open to the general public, your more varied portfolio fed by many Demat accounts is more likely to provide you with an investment opportunity. A similar benefit exists when dealing with some government securities.
  • Multiple Demat accounts help people to trade from more than one account, thus helping them to manage their shares and invest properly.

If you are a seasoned investor who makes thoughtful selections, having many Demat accounts might be a wise strategic move. There is no problem handling more than one Demat account, and there are many benefits of multiple Demat account. People can easily open more than one account and use them without facing any issues.

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