• Best in Class Charting

    Make better trading decisions using our numerous charting features.

  • Advanced Tools

    Trade quickly at a click, with tools like heatmap and much more.

  • Advanced Orders

    Place advance orders such as bracket orders, big trades, bulk orders, etc to trade efficiently.

  • Online Training

    Get access to free online sessions to understand TradeTiger better.

  • News and Research

    Access real-time news & research recommendations from our expert's desk.

  • Personalisation

    Customise TradeTiger with shortcuts, charts, multiple screens and much more.


  • Advanced Charting features

    • Loads of Data

      30-90 intraday and daily charts since inception with more than 30 indicaters and studies.

    • Chart Linking

      Open multiple charts and link them all either by period, scrip or exchange.

    • Chart Book

      Navigation between different charts made as easy as flipping pages of a notebook.

    • Advanced Trading From Charts

      Plot entry, target and exit lines on chart and execute trades directly from charts

  • Market Scanning

    • Stock Scanner

      Identify numerous trading opportunities with technical parameters like RSI, Super Trend, Ichimoku etc.

    • One Click Filter

      Identify new highs & lows or bulk deals with a single click.

    • Heat Map

      Get a bird’s eye view of the markets with the new visualization tool.

    • Dynamic One Click Filter

      Identify movers and shakers of the market much before than the rest.

  • Advance Trading

    • Bulk Order

      Place multiple orders with a single click.

    • Predefine Order Quantity Settings

      First of its kind order quantity settings either by absolute number, trade value or CMP.

    • Big Trade

      High leverage intraday product with 10 times the exposure and auto-square off.

    • Trailing Stoploss

      Never miss an opportunity by trailing your orders along with markets.

  • Advance Hedge

    • Advance Option Chain

      Get option quotes with more than 30 trading strategies, portfolio greeks, pay-off charts and so on.

    • API Integration

      Write decision-making software in any programming language and integrate it with TradeTiger.

    • AmiBroker Trading Bridge

      Integrate your trading strategies written in AmiBroker with TradeTiger, which comes with an in-built state-of-art position management system.

    • Trade From MS Excel

      Export live market streaming data into excel and push orders directly from Excel too.