Intimation Regarding changes in POA as per SEBI Circular IR/MRD/DMS/13/2010 dated April 23rd 2010.

In view of the practical difficulties in complying the requirement, it has been decided that the clients, who have executed Power of Attorney (PoA) will be permitted to continue with the same. Hence, those Clients who have already received our earlier communication with the attached PoA and who have not submitted the said POA so far need not submit the same.To effectively implement the said circular, we propose to bring to your notice, the relevant terms and conditions as per the said circular, which will be applicable to your old POA also.

Authority given to Sharekhan Limited under the POA given have been modified/ cancelled pursuant to changes in regulatory guidelines such that :

  • The POA executed by you is applicable for the specific purposes linked to your trading account.

  • The POA can be revoked by furnishing a written request to the head office of Sharekhan duly, acknowledged by sharekhan AND upon fulfillment of all the settlement / margin obligations and outstanding dues payable to Sharekhan or to a third party service provider or their affiliates /subsidiaries as per the terms and conditions of the services / products availed by you.

  • In case of any erroneous transfers Sharekhan is required to return the same as soon as it comes to the notice of Sharekhan.

  • Sharekhan cannot appoint or remove any agent or agents or substitute or substitutes with all or any of the powers contained in the POA in order to enable such agent or substitute(s) to exercise all or any of the powers given by you to Sharekhan.

  • Sharekhan may transfer the securities, debited for various services and facilities availed by you from Sharekhan, to accounts otherwise than to its own demat accounts including demat account maintained with Sharekhan Limited including pool / beneficiary account nos mentioned below or such other demat account of Sharekhan or otherwise as may be intimated to you by Sharekhan from time to time.

    DP Name DP ID Client ID
    Sharekhan Ltd IN300513 13377988
    Sharekhan Ltd 12036000 1203600000056193
    NSCCL 11000011 1100001100016512
    Sharekhan Ltd IN300513 14972568
    Sharekhan Ltd IN300513 14972576
    Sharekhan Ltd IN300513 14972592
    Sharekhan Ltd IN300513 10000578
    Sharekhan Ltd 12036000 1203600000000076
    Sharekhan Ltd 12036000 1203600000063384
    Boi-Shareholding Ltd. 11000010 1100001000014903
    Sharekhan Ltd IN300513 14972584
    Sharekhan Ltd IN300513 14972550

  • Sharekhan is authorized to send, in addition to any other document required to be disseminated by it as specified by SEBI or any other regulator from time to time, consolidated summary of the scrip-wise buy and sell positions taken with average rates by way of SMS / email on a daily basis.

  • The power of attorney in favour of Sharekhan shall be valid for transactions for the purpose of transferring any collateral to the margin account and honoring delivery obligations for any transaction executed through Sharekhan Limited., for issue of instructions relating to execution of delivery /receipt instructions, pledge closure instructions lending and borrowing instructions, This power of attorney shall be valid for the demat account which is linked to the said trading account of the first holder.
All other terms of POA shall continue to be applicable. In case you need any clarifications/objections, or the above clauses are not acceptable to you please write to us at [email protected] within 7 days failing which the aforesaid are deemed to be accepted by you.
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