Submission of important documentation as per new SEBI guide lines

Dear Customer,

Pursuant to the regulatory changes,  submission of the following documentations have been made compulsory for all investors;

1. Physical documentary evidence of financial details for all who opt to trade in the Derivatives Segment.

»  Click here   to download the Derivatives mandate which needs to be duly filled and submitted to any of our branches / Business partners along with any of the supporting Proof of Income documents mentioned in the column to the right.

F&O mandate form is onetime requirement, however in order to continue trading in F&O segment, INCOME PROOF has to be submitted every year.

  1. Copy of the Latest ITR acknowledgement with total value of annual income greater than Rs. 1.20 Lakhs clearly specified
  2. Copy of Latest annual account statement with annual income greater than 1.20 Lakhs
  3. Copy of Latest document of Form 16 with total value of annual salary greater than Rs. 1.20 Lakhs
  4. Latest Net-worth certificate issued by any practicing Chartered Accountant with value of net-worth greater than Rs. 1.20 Lakhs
  5. Latest salary slip with value of monthly salary greater than Rs.10,000/- per month
  6. Bank Statement for the last 6 months
  7. Depository Account Holding statement
Following conditions would be applicable in case a Depository Account Holding Statement is being submitted.
1. DEMAT statement should necessarily have the valuation of the shares printed on it. In case where only the holdings are mentioned without the valuation then the same should be manually mentioned as on date of submission and should be self attested either by yourself or by the concerned Depository Participant (DP).
2. Demat holding statement being submitted should be of a minimum value of Rs.25,000/- or more
3. Demat statement can be of any other depository however in that case you need to be the first holder in that account.
4. In case your average volume in the Derivative Segment exceeds Rs. 10 lacs in a day then the value of the holding should be a minimum of Rs. 2 lacs.
5. Demat statement being submitted needs to be on the Depository Participant’s stationary or any blank stationary which should have the DP stamp on the same. Internet statement will not be accepted.
Following conditions would be applicable in case a Bank Statement is being submitted
1. Bank statement of any last 6 months starting from July 2009 till date can be submitted. The bank statement should be such that it should commensurate with the positions (15% of the total exposure taken by the client) in the derivative segment.
2. The bank statements being submitted must be of consecutive 6 months only.
3. The client should be the first holder in the bank statement submitted
4. Bank statement being submitted cannot be an internet statement
5. Bank statement being submitted SHOULD be on the bank’s stationary or any blank stationary which should have the banks stamp on the same. Internet statement will not be accepted.
6. Latest 6 months bank statement with value of atleast one transaction greater than Rs. 10,000/- and the current closing balance in the statement should be Rs. 10,000/-. In case every month there is a credit of salary in the account which satisfies the criteria specified above (> Rs.10, 000/- per month), then the account closing balance in the bank account can be less than Rs.10, 000/-.

2. Authorization for maintaining trading accounts on a running basis for all customers on a yearly basis.
As per the new norm;
1. All customers are required to renew this mandate on a yearly basis.
2. Customer’s account will be settled at least once in a quarter. In case of clients having outstanding obligations on the settlement date, Sharekhan would be entitled to retain the requisite securities/funds towards such obligations and in addition to the above may also retain the funds expected to be required to meet margin obligations for next 5 trading days, calculated in the manner specified by the exchanges.

»  Click here   to accept the online mandate for maintaining your trading account on a running basis (you will need to login using your membership & trading password).

Alternatively you can »  click here   to download the physical mandate which needs to be duly filled and submitted to our branches / sub brokers.

In addition to the above and before submitting both the mandates, you would also need to ensure that;

1. The mandates need to be executed along with 2 witnesses.
2. Name, trading code /customer id, PAN and the address has to be mentioned on the mandate before submission.
3. All supporting documents submitted need to be self certified and verified with the originals.
4. Both the mandates compulsorily need to be signed only by the respective account holders. Signatures of POA holders would not be considered /accepted.

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