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How to Download My Demat Holding Statement?

  • Feb 26, 2024

This statement is a treasure for investors since it provides a comprehensive image of everything that is in the Demat account, including the number of shares you own, their purchase price, and their current value. You may make informed decisions about when to buy or sell assets by using this information.

What is a Demat Holding Statement?

The stocks you own in your Demat account are listed in detail in a document called a demat holding statement. It displays an individual account balance in a manner similar to a bank statement, except instead of cash, it displays the securities you hold. The statement is issued by the Depository Participant who manages your Demat account. A bank, a brokerage organization, or a financial institution can be the DP.

An overview of your account holdings can be found in the demat holding statement. It displays the securities' name, the amount held, and their recent market value. It also offers details on any transactions that took place inside the statement's coverage period.

How to Download a Demat Holding Statement?

There are basically two ways to demat account holding statement download. They are: -

1.    From the broker's website

Step 1: Open your Demat account and log in.

Logging into your demat account is the first step towards downloading your demat holding statement. To accomplish this, go to the website of the depository participant (DP) that corresponds to you and enter your login information. You can ask your DP for help if you're not sure what your login credentials are.

Step 2: Choose the option for a Demat Holding Statement

Go to the "Demat Holding Statement" option after logging into your account. Depending on the website your DP is using, this option can be found under a different name. Usually, it is located under the "Statements" or "Reports" tab.

Step 3: Select the Time Frame

Upon opting for the hold in demat format option, you will be required to pick the desired time frame for which the statement should be downloaded. You have the option of choosing a particular date or a default time frame, such as the current fiscal year.

Step 4: Choose the Format for Downloading

The format in which you wish to download your demat holding statement must then be selected. The two most widely used formats are Excel and PDF. Select the one that best meets your needs.

Step 5: Confirm and Download

After selecting the time period and download format, review your choices and click on the "Download" or "Generate Report" button. Depending on your DP's website, the statement will either be downloaded automatically, or you'll be prompted to save the file in a specified location.

2.    Directly From the Central Depositories

NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Limited) are the two main central depositories in India. You can get your Demat account statement straight from any of the depositories, depending on your broker's registration status.

This means that entering your account number and logging onto the depository website will get you access to your Demat account statement. You will then be able to view and download your Demat account statement, which gives you a detailed overview of all of your transactions and securities holdings.

Why Should You Track Your Demat Account Statement?

1.    Comprehending Portfolio Composition

You can understand the makeup of your investment portfolio by keeping track of your statement of demat holdings. It offers a thorough overview of all the financial instruments you own, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other assets.

2.    Keeping an Eye on Investment Performance

By keeping a regular eye on your demat holdings statement, you may evaluate how well your investments have performed over time. You can determine whether your investments are helping you reach your financial objectives by comparing your current holdings with earlier declarations.

3.    Finding Inaccuracies or Discrepancies

Finding any mistakes or inconsistencies in your investment activities might be aided by going over your demat holdings statement. Inaccurate stock amounts, illicit transactions, or disparities in dividend disbursements may be examples of this.

4.    Stopping Unauthorized Behavior

By monitoring your demat holdings statement, you can quickly identify any unlawful activity that has taken place in your account. You can spot and notify your broker or depository participant of any suspicious or fraudulent behavior by keeping an eye on transaction details and account balances.

5.    Encouraging Tax Reporting and Planning

Planning and filing for taxes are made easier when your demat holdings are accurately documented. Tracking capital gains, losses, and dividend income is simple, allowing you to maximize tax efficiency and ensure compliance with tax laws.

The Bottom Line

One important document that lists an investor's assets in a Demat account is the Demat Account Holding Statement. It indicates the quantity of shares, market value, and cost of commodities; it is a record of the trader's holdings. It is a good idea for investors to keep a close eye on this statement because it enables them to remain informed about the state of their investments, identify fraud and malfunctions, make better investment decisions going forward, comply with tax laws, arrange record-keeping conveniently, and avoid becoming stranded in one field.

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