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5 Reasons To Invest In Equity Market

  • Jun 14, 2023

Market volatility is a given, and the worst periods are when the finest investments are made. Let's examine a few key justifications for why making investments in the equity markets right now is crucial.

Returns that Beat Inflation

The primary cause of the volatility is the increase in interest rates. To control inflation, central bankers have chosen to utilize their time-honoured strategy of raising interest rates. While volatility may decrease, investors must not forget that inflation is their number one adversary. If you choose the correct stocks, you may be able to beat inflation over the long run. Long-term compounding works in your favour to provide returns that outperform inflation, and this is also true for well-managed portfolios. Value Research reports that for 10 years ending on June 17, 2022, Flexi-cap funds generated returns of 13.54 percent.

A favourable Valuation

Falling markets result in favourable stock values being offered. It is comparable to going shopping at a store that is having a large deal. If you enjoy receiving discounts, Dalal Street is the location to shop right now. A lower price-to-earnings ratio indicates that businesses are offered at competitive pricing. Additionally, discounts to fair value vary from company to stock, and the finest deals could be found in stocks that aren't included in major indexes. A fund manager can identify the greatest stock market bargains and give you appropriate advice.

Professionally Managed

Portfolios for professionally managed schemes are created by the precise asset allocation standards established by the financial market regulator. This guarantees that you will receive what you want. Depending on your risk tolerance and long-term financial objectives, you may choose the best strategies. For instance, a shareholder with a ten-year horizon and a high level of risk tolerance would think about allocating some capital to a small-cap fund. Another investor with a five-year horizon who wants to invest in well-known companies may wish to limit themselves to large-cap funds.

Various Styles

Individual investors are frequently eager to put up the work and develop the skill of picking well-positioned firms for investments. They adhere to a system of investing in this way. Some investors specialize in a small number of industries and have perfected a growth, value, or quantitative investing strategy. However, each stock selection strategy has benefits and drawbacks. And no one can master everything. Equity funds may be used in this situation to diversify across several investment variables, or as they are known in the industry, value, growth, quality, and momentum. It lowers risk while simultaneously gradually increasing the rewards on your portfolio.

The Average in Stock

The primary benefit of investing in equity funds is the ability to build a small stock portfolio. One might invest in many category portfolios every month or at predetermined intervals, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. You receive more units when markets are dropping and fewer units when markets are rising. When markets rise over a lengthy period, your average cost of acquisition for all units may be significantly lower than the unit's then-current price (NAV), giving you respectable returns.


Even while there are valid reasons not to purchase stocks, for the majority of individuals, the upside potential outweighs the risk. Consequently, investing in stocks is almost always a smart move, even when the market is at an all-time high. Studies show that investor persistence in the market is more important than market timing. Most earnings come from equities over a very short period of time, so waiting to buy them at the right time might be costly (a few days).

Following stock market meltdowns or profit losses of 10% or more, stocks frequently recover swiftly. The longer an investor stays in the market, the less likely it is that they will lose money. We may spread out the risk of investing over time by using SIP investments that are made in instalments. You shouldn't put all of your money into the market at a record low.

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