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8 Best F&O stocks for entering the Futures and Options market

  • Feb 22, 2024

1.    Oberoi Realty Limited (OBEROIRLTY)

Oberoi Realty Limited is a Mumbai-based real estate development giant which has spread wide due to the diversity of its operations. Endowing the firm with an entry into derivatives trading within futures and options (F&O), Oberoi Realty Limited provides a point of access to investor-class clients in their pursuit toward the geometrical growth tendency of the real estate sector while also presenting prolonged opportunities for investment due to fluctuations.

With the adoption of the derivative products, Oberoi Realty opens its door to investors wishing to diversify their portfolios and exploit broader opportunities in the real estate sector.

2.    Abbott India Limited (ABBOTINDIA)

Abbott India Limited, a multinational pharmaceutical and healthcare conglomerate operates in the industry bearing significant potential. This represents a discreet entry into the Futures and Options (F&O) NSE F&O market today segment as an attempt to boost investment opportunities.

Given Abbott India’s strong credentials in the healthcare solutions sector and its dedication to improving technological advances, investors have an opportunity through derivatives trading to allocate their portfolios towards a firm that is well related to growth strategies, which will most likely cater to rapid spells of challenging issues.

3.    Dalmia Bharat Limited (DALBHARAT)

Dalmia Bharat Limited is the chief contributor to India’s architecture classification, famous as one of the country's most significant cement makers. Placed ahead of the construction industry, this company has diversified into F&O trading, whereby investors are granted access in a bid to invest. This is vital not only for their economies but also for worldwide economies.

Through investing in derivatives linked to Dalmia Bharat, investors promote the developmental story of their nation with an indirect influence on how India builds its future infrastructure.

4.    India Cements Limited (INDIACEM)

India Cements Limited is one of the predominant cement manufacturing F&O companies mainly located in the Southern part of India. It has dominated both the construction and real estate sectors due to its remarkable investment. Being a steady hand in the strategic sectors, the company’s presence in F&O trading offers investors an opportunity to be engaged within areas at the core of India’s economic mosaic.

Investors who participate in derivatives related to India Cements, experience exposure to the embedded principles of construction and real estate activity, thereby streamlining potential growth.

5.    Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited (CROMPTON)

Commercially well known for its product mix of electrical appliances targeted specifically towards household use, the consumer goods market has Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited well placed within itself.

Since this sector was recently added to the Futures and Options (F&O) basket, traders have a wider range of options available for them which resulted in an increased chance of success while dealing with volatility within the sphere that is heavily customer-driven.

6.    JK Cements Limited (JKCEMENT)

One of the biggest cement producers in India, JK Cements Limited contributes to advancing the country's strategy for infrastructure development. JKCEMENT is a significant contributor to the development of the nation’s construction landscape. The derivatives trading investors are provided with an opportunity to enable themselves to attain this legacy and effectively seize upon value creation in terms of growth potential exhibited by sector & economic contribution.

7.    Persistent Systems Ltd (PERSISTENT)

The company, Persistent Systems Ltd is one of the prominent IT-enabled software development firms that meet the increasing need for technology solutions in various industries. The fact that it is present in the Futures and Options (F&O) market reflects how technology-oriented businesses have been gaining prominence nowadays.

The presence of PERSISTENT in derivatives trading makes investors benefit from the boundless opportunities that technology can offer, positioning themselves as part and parcel of innovation trends pervading several industries driven by digital transformation.

8.    Delta Corp Limited (DELTACORP)

Working in the gaming, casino and hospitality industries, Delta Corp Limited offers a unique investment opportunity to investors who are into entertainment. Delta Corp’s entry into the Futures and Options (F&O) market provides investors with an opportunity to explore this vibrant sector, riding on its experience and equity in the entertainment domain.

The Bottom Line

The addition of these total F&O stocks to the Futures and Options (F&O) segment not only widens the spectrum but also indicates increasing belief in the soundness of fundamentals as well as market potential. This growth gives power to traders and investors with a wide range of measures, such as hedging, speculation, and arbitrage in the derivatives market.

In addition, the inclusion of these stocks is expected to support liquidity in the F&O segment, which will improve price discovery and lead to better market efficiency. It is a testimony of the adaptability nature that the Indian stock market has undergone over time to accommodate changing investor preferences and dynamics. The introduction of these 8 stocks in the Futures and Options segment opens up new avenues for market participants thus highlighting the dynamic nature of Indian stock markets.

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