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What Is DHRP?

  • Apr 18, 2024

But wait, before jumping on the bandwagon, have you ever wondered how to differentiate between a good investment and a bad one? Well, here's where a Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP) comes into play.

In this article, we will learn via interpreting a DRHP to help determine if a company's IPO is a good investment opportunity.

What is DRHP?

A DRHP, also known as a Draft Red Herring Prospectus, is a primary registration document that companies file when they want to raise funds through an IPO. It provides information to help potential investors assess the DRHP IPO. It's called a "red herring" prospectus because it carries a disclaimer in red letters stating that the document is incomplete and may be updated later.

The DRHP does not disclose the number of shares to be issued or the price band. Rather, it serves as an initial disclosure form that the company files with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). SEBI reviews it and suggests changes if needed. Once the document incorporates these changes, the company files a final "red herring prospectus" (RHP) and, eventually, this is what is DRHP IPO.

Understanding the Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP)

The DRHP can be crucial for making informed investment decisions:

1. It helps you make an early assessment of the IPO's merit. You can then research further based on any red flags you spot.

2. It offers the first glimpse into vital details - the company's financials, business model, promoters, competitive landscape, etc. Enough to gauge potential.

3. You can determine information gaps in the DRHP and seek clarification from the company.

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Insights and Key Sections of the DRHP

1. Business Overview

This section outlines the company's business model, product/service offerings, operations, assets, etc. It's your first peek into how the company hopes to utilise your investment. Key things to assess:

  • Core business and revenue drivers
  • Business stability and growth trajectory
  • Competitive advantage over peers
  • Prospects in the target markets
  • Overdependency on any single product, service, customer or location

2. Financial Performance

One of the most crucial sections of the DRHP includes audited financial statements for the previous three years. These statements comprise details regarding assets and liabilities, profits and losses, cash flow, and more. You should scrutinise these statements to determine the following:

  • Has the growth rate increased or decreased over the last three years?
  • Is the company consistently profitable, or does it frequently incur losses?
  • What are the debt levels, and is the company able to service its debts?
  • Does the company have sufficient working capital to support its growth?
  • What is the future earning potential of the company?

3. Risk Factors

Every business carries risks and the DRHP requires the company to highlight these. Study the risk section closely to identify weaknesses like: 

  • Outstanding litigation
  • Loss-making products/business verticals
  • High customer concentration
  • Substantially related party transactions
  • Regulatory non-compliance

Make sure potential risks are justified, and the company has a mitigation plan.

4. Objects of the Issue

This section describes how the company intends to use the IPO funds. Common objects include:

  • Repaying loans
  • Acquiring assets
  • Expanding capacity
  • General corporate expenses

Assess if the objects align with the company's growth aspirations. Also, check how much investment existing shareholders have made.

5. Industry Overview

The DRHP must summarise the industry landscape - size, historical growth, trends, competition etc. This is crucial for grasping the following:

  • Industry growth potential
  • Key demand drivers
  • Level of competition
  • Future outlook and challenges

Also compare financial ratios like margins, valuations and growth rate with industry peers.

6. Promoters and Management

The leadership team is central to a company's performance. Hence, the DRHP furnishes details on the following:

  • Promoters - background and experience
  • Board of directors
  • Key management personnel

Look for well-qualified, experienced professionals with subject matter expertise. Check for controversies related to corporate governance and legal issues.


If you want to know if a company is worth investing in, you should look at something called the DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus). This is a document that tells you important things about the company, like how it makes money, how healthy its finances are, and whether it's likely to grow in the future. But remember that no company is completely safe, so it's important to think before you invest your money. Try to make logical decisions based on facts rather than getting too excited or emotional, and if you need more clarification on something, ask the company for more information.

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